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Meditation Demystified

Brain Dynamics There are three main types of meditation: 1. Pointed meditation–you try to anchor
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Historical/Anthropological Roots of Meditation

Throughout time, across historical traditions spanning thousands of years, we humans have not been content
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Sun in between 2 hands

Benefits of Meditation

People often ask, “What will I get from doing this?” “How will all this help
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Meditation Mechanics

Brain Mechanics Exactly what happens when we meditate? Without first-hand experience, it’s impossible to grok.
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Mindfulness and Technology

You’re reading this on your digital device. How many websites did you click through to
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Meditation and Pain Management

PAIN AND THE MEDITATING BRAIN In 1998, a search of the medical literature using the
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Synthesis of Mindfulness

We all mix the above four variables, connecting one with the other, and integrating into
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The Role of Medication

The Role of Medication The intersection between biology and psychology is multi-dimensionally complex, and the
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Teletherapy According to Business and Professions Code 2290.5, telehealth is the practice of health care
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