Synthesis of Mindfulness Sections

We all mix the above four variables, connecting one with the other, and integrating into a seamless finish. Since each variable has infinite variables in flux, the integration constantly changes. It’s more evolving process than completed sum, e.g. we may have a phase in our lives when our children are young and we yearn to be close to them–physically in space and time, while gearing our movements through the day to maximize connecting with them. This comes from a sense of finite time with them, anticipating them leaving for college. In this example, we’re coordinating all four factors above: space, time, movement, and connection.

We are Beings living in a world of gray, a wide sweeping vista of gray . . . all middle ground–few blacks and whites, fewer Absolutes. More Relatives than Universals. We have few binary laws for living. No sure-fire recipes for “success.” We stumble, only to land on our feet, over and over straighten erect and strong. Synthesis – MindfulnessWe make mistakes and come out swinging stronger. The coordinates within our world for space and time are infinite, intersecting up and down, right to left and back again, on the diagonal . . . we feel for footing and grope our way through life. In unique inimitable fashion, we move toward connecting with others, things, states . . . in a single lifetime, we breathe our breaths in-and-out, millions upon millions of minutes. We reach for the three dimensional space in which we’re swathed, tack on time, and reach within for more. We don’t tire. We aspire. One more breath, and another into our soul . . . endlessly tracing and tracking our path. This is the rich, ripe heart of meditation and mindfulness.

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