Individual Adult Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and counseling are synonymous terms to describe a professional relationship between a trained clinician and client (the “client” may be an individual, couple, family, or group). Our initial task is to jointly decide how best to address your presenting problem(s), what avenues of exploration to take, interventions to use, and prioritize the urgency of issues. Most therapies,

in some form or another, foster increased awareness or insight of the hidden and not so hidden parts of ourselves, including symptoms and defenses (the mechanisms that protect us from further pain). As we become more aware of our thoughts, feelings, actions, perceptions, and experiences, we have greater acceptance and choice in life – this contributes to a potent sense of well-being. An analogy of how this works: Ideally, we want a varied menu at a restaurant because it gives us more choices. Similarly, if we have a longer internal menu of perceptions and experiences, we have greater freedom in life.